The Incredible Transformation of a Kitten with Wobbly Feet: From Shelter to Spirited Feline in a Blink

An adorable little feline was born with unsteady legs, but within a few hours of leaving the shelter, he transformed into a lively and spirited ball of fur.

Figaro, a tiny kitten who was only six weeks old, was discovered as an orphan and brought to Animal Care Centers of NYC. He was unsteady on his feet and had no idea how to eat by himself. The staff at the animal care center began feeding him through a syringe, which he allowed. They knew that Figaro required a foster home and someone who would take care of him all the time. As a result, they contacted Little Wanderers NYC, an entirely volunteer-run rescue, for assistance. Little Wanderers NYC volunteers immediately sprang into action. They were able to provide the kitten with a new start in a home environment with round-the-clock attention within a few hours.

Little Wanderers NYC revealed that Figaro, a kitten under their care, has cerebellar hypoplasia or “wobbly kitten syndrome”. Despite this condition affecting his fine motor skills and coordination, Figaro remains a content, strong, and pain-free feline. Generous foster mom, Ashley from Little Wanderers NYC, took Figaro under her wing with affection and care.

Little Wanderers NYC shared a heartwarming update about Figaro, a kitten who left the shelter and was now eating on his own. Ashley, who takes care of Figaro, expressed how happy she was when he started eating canned food eagerly. She said that she initially hand-fed him, but now he eats on his own while she holds the food up to his face. Figaro was also pleased with his cozy nursery where he could move around and play safely. He was curious about all the new things surrounding him and seemed to be adjusting well to his new home.

Figaro’s curiosity was piqued, and he quickly became engrossed in playing with toys when he arrived at Little Wanderers NYC. He especially enjoyed playing with a ball toy and would seek out his foster mom for attention and pets. Figaro loved exploring his new surroundings and had a great time playing with anything he could get his paws on. Even though there were plenty of blankets around, he eventually fell asleep on top of his toys while playing.

While playing with his toys, Figaro dozed off and ended up sleeping on them. Despite his physical challenges, he remains determined and resilient. Although he requires some help with drinking fluids and is still getting the hang of using his litter box, he is making remarkable progress. In fact, Figaro seems to enjoy digging in the litter, and is successfully using the box despite his unsteadiness. He is unfazed by his limitations, and is living his life to the fullest.

Little Wanderers NYC, a feline rescue organization, has a new addition to their family – a tuxedo kitten who loves nothing more than snuggling on a warm lap. Despite having cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a condition that affects his mobility, this little guy is full of energy and always ready to play. His purr motor runs on high, and he meows only when he’s looking for a playmate. Despite his physical limitations, he’s a ball of energy and brings joy to everyone he meets.

Little Wanderers NYC introduces Figaro, an adorable little boy who may not have the best balance, but definitely has a ton of spunk and charm. Despite his difficulty with mobility, he is full of life and enthusiasm that’s hard to ignore.

Little Wanderers NYC has a playful feline named Figaro who is a wrestling master. Whether it’s using his mouth or both front paws, Figaro always finds a way to hold on to his favorite toy. According to Little Wanderers NYC, Figaro loves to play all the time and is always ready for some fun.

Little Wanderers NYC shared the touching story of Figaro, who was fortunate enough to leave the shelter and receive loving care in a comfortable home. According to the organization, fostering cats and kittens can make a significant difference in their lives. All it takes is a spare room and a willingness to look after these furry friends as they wait for their forever homes. Fostering truly saves lives, and anyone can make a difference!

Figaro, a resident of Little Wanderers NYC, is happily adapting to his new life despite his unsteady demeanor. He is enjoying the abundance of comfort he now experiences such as delicious meals, cozy blankets, and a plethora of toys to play with. His wobbliness does not hinder him from embracing the joys of his newfound home.

Spread the word among your pals! Help Little Wanderers NYC in their mission to rescue cats by following them on Instagram @littlewanderersnyc and Facebook. Special thanks to Ashley for bringing this to our attention.


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